Day +18 (Bonn, DE) – 18,703 km …Bernie did it! …and thanks to all of you for your continued support during and before the trip!

The car is finally back to Bonn… and Bernie really achieved the impossible! He flew to Moscow on Friday and picked up the car from the forwarder on Saturday at 10:00. I told you that according to the planned route he would have to drive some 2,500km, but in reality it was even a little more… he actually drove an incredible total of 2.634km plus he crossed another non-Schengen border, and not any border… he crossed another Russian border, and we know that those were the hardest borders of all 😉


But despite all adversities and without a lot of sleep he brought the car back in time and not only that, coming back in the middle of the night to Monday… he also showed up to his job, punctually, on Monday morning! Although I was a little bit in sorrow, cause the lack of sleep was intense, he managed to return without a lot of difficulties… Although… shortly before Warsaw he just stopped somewhere and, almost like as if he knew it would be the last time in a long time, he spend one more night in the car 😉


Well, congrats Bernie, you really earned my respects for this last part of our trip… but to be honest, you had earned it several times during our time together before already. It was a great journey with loads of unforgettable impressions… and many of them we wouldn’t have had if not for the two of us being together! We both were a little afraid that, finishing our trip and having spent three weeks together in a car, we wouldn’t want to see each other for some time and were joking about taking a six months break 😉 …but it turned out that this trip brought us even closer together and we definitely got to know different facets of the respective other one… thanks Bernie for this time together and the excellent company from Baku to Irkutsk!


But there is more people I would like to thank… My sister Julia, she was the one who actually set up all the webpage and showed me how to use it. If you want, it was actually for her that everyone could follow the blog and see all the cool pictures! I just gave her some ideas of what I wanted in terms of the blog and how I wanted to display the different widgets and she brought me back to earth by explaining what was actually possible, given the budget that I had set for the blog 😉 …but seriously, even given the zero-budget for the blog she found a way to set up everything that I wanted and made the whole thing look professionally. Thank you very much for all your support in this!


I would also like to say thanks to Philipp, our graphic designer at Czipin, who more than once surprised us the consultants and management, but also our clients with phenomenal ideas and funny drawings, very much bringing to the point what we wanted to express and demonstrate… He was the one who pitched in by donating time for the creation of our Nomads4Children logo, of which I think it perfectly describes the team and the nature of the project! Thanks a lot to you too!


And of course… a big thanks goes to my bosses, Alois and Gerald! Alois who supported the project financially and thus making sure that it could actually be brought into being and that donations could be collected for this very important institution! …and Gerald who made it possible that I could take a vacation, long enough to cover the trip and allowing the project being planned accordingly! It is not given or self-evident that a company in the consulting environment allows its employees to do crazy stuff like that, but for us it is, and that proves to me that our company is more than just people working together, it’s like we are working together and supporting each other even beyond professional boundaries! I believe it would be hard to find that elsewhere…


At the end of the day it was a fund raising project and, although I didn’t really get to the 5k€ threshold that I set myself, we must acknowledge that every single Euro that you guys, the readers of the blog, family, and friends, donated, is a Euro that was not available to the cancer research institute of St. Anna Kinderspital before, and thus is a big success! Thank you for all your contributions! You did a great job and I am very happy about all the generous donations that you gave…


Well, I guess this is where it ends… for now 😉

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