What is the project all about?

We drive from Bonn in Germany to Irkutsk in Russia and decided to take a southern route, i.e. south of the Black Sea and through Mongolia. The journey will take us six to seven weeks and we want to dedicate the trip to a fundraising initiative by collecting donations for St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung, a children’s cancer research institute dedicating its efforts to cancer research with a focus on children. Our journey starts on 15th July…!


Why do we collect donations for children with cancer?

Cancer can affect all of us but a diagnosis of cancer in a family with children presents some unique challenges. We decided we want to support those who, more than others, cannot help themselves? You might have crossed paths with cancer in the past, either because you suffered from this disease yourself or you know someone who has fought against it. St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung conducts research in the field of children’s cancer. And we believe that this endeavour deserves support. Help us to help them 😉


How can YOU help?

Please donate… What we provide are official bank account details of Kinderkrebsforschung, the rest is your job. Just to be clear, we do not take a cent of your donation. It will all go directly where it should go and that is into cure and prevention of children’s cancer. The only thing that we ask you to do is to denominate the designated use (Verwendungszweck) of your donation with “Nomads4Children” to show that your donation was sparked by our project. This is, not at last, because we also ask companies to support the project. Companies sometimes tend to act in weird ways. They might think “if others do it too, it can’t be wrong, but I don’t wanna be first or start something new”… or, “what is my benefit if I donate?” In any case, if it can be seen that this project is already supported by others and that this blog has followers, it can only help to convince companies to put an extra effort too.


Receiver’s name/ Empfänger:                       St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung

Bank/ Bank:                                                       Bank Austria

Bank details/ Bankverbindung (IBAN):       AT79 1200 0006 5616 6600

Bank details/ Bankverbindung (BIC):           BKAUATWW

Designated use/ Verwendungszweck:          Nomads4Children


Basically there are three ways to help:

  • You can donate as a private person to above bank account, donations from EUR 10 are welcome, and don’t forget: Verwendungszweck => Nomads4Children
  • If you want to show an extra effort you can make a collection among your friends, or within your department, or among your neighbours, or… or… or… be creative but don’t forget: Verwendungszweck => Nomads4Children
  • There is still one more thing you can do. Go to your company and convince them to do something good by giving their contribution to the project. Company donations from EUR 100 are welcome, and of course: Verwendungszweck => Nomads4Children
  • Who we like best, of course, are people who come up with a combination of above three points 😉


By the way, your donation is tax deductible in Austria, check out https://service.bmf.gv.at/Service/allg/spenden/show_mast.asp for more details.


How else can you help?

Visit our blog page!!! The more visitors we have the more attractive the project is for companies and the more likely they are to donate. And tell your friends, family, colleagues about the project and ask them to visit the blog too 😉


Why would a company donate for the project?

The best reason would be to do something good for children! A goody that we can offer on top of that is that whatever is being done in support will be seen by the readers of this blog and thus the company has a platform to promote their brand. A company that donates EUR 100 or more and is identifiable by the designated use (Verwendungszweck): Nomads4Children and the company name as the sender of the money will be given a logo space on our blog. The logo will be put on the upper left side of our blog and can be seen by all readers. The blog was started in late June and already has a considerable amount visitors. The number is growing by the day and will give great exposure to all donating companies over the next eight to ten weeks! If a Company donates and wants its logo to be displayed on our blog, please send the logo to: Nomads4Children@gmx.at


How is this project financed?

We finance the project in two ways, firstly by private money of team members and secondly we received a substantial contribution from my employer: the consulting company Czipin. Learn more about Czipin on http://czipin.com/. The important message here is that your donations are not used to cover the trip, this is already taken care of by above mentioned means. Your money goes directly, tax-deductibly, and most-contributingly to the children’s cancer research institute.


What is St. Anna Kinderkrebshilfe?

Rapid progress in biomedical research has gradually improved diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis for children and young people with cancer. 70% to 80% of children with cancer can be cured today. Objective of Kinderkrebshilfe (Children’s Cancer Research Institute) is to also help those sustainably who cannot be cured with existing treatments. The potential of modern research must be further exploited in order to achieve an adjustment of therapy to individual challenges of cancer and by doing so increasing chances to cure the disease. The institute works exactly on those topics. For more details check out the institute’s homepage: https://kinderkrebsforschung.at/ …it’s only in German language, though.


What is the link between journey and child cancer? 

Yeah, I was asked this question and at first couldn’t really answer… More specifically I was asked “What has your trip to do with children’s cancer, and why would I donate money because of this trip?” Well, to be honest, the trip itself has got nothing to do with children’s cancer and the only link is us, the team. On the one hand we make this journey and on the other hand we ask for donations to help children with cancer. Thus the link between journey and donation is “the team”… And to answer the most important part of above question, you don’t donate because of us driving from A to B, but because you want to help prevent, cure, and ease cancer for children! But one thing is true, this trip provides a platform to create attention and to reach out to people, and most importantly: we wouldn’t have started raising funds for the children’s cancer research institute without this trip


Why the hack do we write this blog in English?

This answer is easy… Both of us have family abroad, both of us have lived abroad and thus have many friends all over the world and we definitely want to make new friends along the journey… Also we believe that most Austrians, who we want to address, do have sufficient command of English to follow the blog and hope that the rest will be reached by word of mouth 😉 We want to reach as many people as possible and create awareness beyond borders. Not at last we also address companies and as mentioned above they often act in weird ways 😉 Approval processes might require a “go-ahead” of people without German skills.


Thanks for your support! 😉